50. Nelson Lakes: The Winter Freeze

The photos show some of the nature sights where we stayed at Nelson Lakes for some days; helping friends to shift and looking after their place while they went away.

Kevin and I went sightseeing to Lake Rotoiti and the Mt Robert carpark, along with visiting a few old friends as we once lived at Nelson Lakes.

It’s winter and cold; we don’t run our heating at night so when we weren’t in the house enjoying the fire we had all our blankets out in force. But we got to experience those lovely winter frosts and clear blue days (usually), so it’s all good. Typical of winter at Nelson Lakes – decent frosts every morning that linger…we loved it, but it was also nice to reach Blenheim and get first-thing glorious sun on us when we woke in the morning.

After leaving to drive on to Blenheim, another friend Debra and I returned from there to pick up our car. She and I took another walk by the lake, in the frost which I’ve tried to reflect in the photos.

This post is quite record-like, but being in and around home we had a lot to do with friends around this time and I don’t want to breach anyone’s privacy! This blog is mainly a memory for Kevin and I of our journey over this year and the things we do and see and experience; and the things we forget tend to be places rather than people, hence my ever-focus on places and things, rather than people. Though our people are important to us!

This is on the backdoor step of the place we stayed – it’s a dream! I was followed by a singing tui for a bit as I wandered along.
Dusk – it was peaceful to be part of this sunset spilling through trees.
I got to go swamp-hopping over this marshy ground using two long manuka poles – fun!
There were lots of different fungi out and about…
The morning frost on a totara tree
One day we drove to Lake Rotoiti and spent several hours there. Not even the rain and clouds could diminish the beauty surrounding us…
Mt Robert in the background
The jetty with it’s wildlife…or tamelife as they are pretty well-fed by all the visitors here.
Heaps of eels swam beneath the jetty – a friend told us that swimmers in summer get bitten sometimes. I’ve seen an eel bite; it makes an oval circlet of bright red marks in a person’s skin. The oval is complete; eels can open their jaws right up!
On the 5 minute Honeydew Walk
The view from near the Mt Robert carpark – from the very end of the carpark you can follow a short track that leads to this viewpoint over the lake and the village of St Arnaud.
This is the Speargrass Valley – the most major fault in NZ, the Alpine Fault, runs straight along this valley and cuts across Lake Rotoiti and through the edge of St Arnaud.
The St Arnaud Range – the Rainbow Skifield sits on the other side of this range.
Here we are, moved on to Blenheim, staying at the racecourse there where we got the sun first thing!
Back at the lake with Debra on a chilly, frosty morning.
On the 3/4 hour Bellbird Walk.
Back out in the open the lake has turned into a mirror.
The lone pine amongst the natives in the carpark at Lake Rotoiti.

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