12. The Scary Mt Hutt Skifield Road

We took a drive up the Mt Hutt Skifield Road, and as there were people working at the skifield today we were able to go the whole way. Kevin thought the road was perfectly okay but I found it quite scary – there’s a steep drop off on one side for much of the way which only gets worse the further you go! Can’t believe people work and drive up this road nearly every day in winter!

This rock – “Rocky” – lies halfway up the road and was won on Trademe by Mt Hutt for $50 000. It was sold by a man in Sumner who had it land in his living room in the February 2011 Christchurch earthquake. The funds raised went straight to earthquake relief.
Rocky’s view from behind…
…and a close up view of Rocky. He’s a real pretty piece of miocene lava flow material!
Snowberries! I ate one yum.
Looking out over the Canterbury Plains. We talked with a man up here mountain biking who lives somewhere below who told us that water restrictions were just being introduced to farms, and that these would happen in percentage stages and become stricter. At some point if it doesn’t rain it’s possible for farmers to be denied water altogether. Let’s hope it rains before it comes to that. He told us that pivot sprinklers – those long iron beasts that walk ever-so-slowly along in their solid line across the paddocks – use way less water than the old system of flood irrigation.
At the skifield – one of the skifield buildings that sits on these beautiful scree slopes.
This is Kevin on the Mt Hutt bungy-jumping platform – argh!
This is me on it, terrified!
Driving back down the road.
Twisting sedimentary rock layers.
Intrusion of one rock type into another – young and old; holocene and triassic. (Actually both of these are ancient – with one less ancient than the other). You see a lot of these contrasts up here.
Another example of contrasting rocks – so stunning!
Pretty! But what is it?
Vegetable Sheep dotted over the hillside.
Looking down the road towards Awa Awa Reserve and some of the Mt Hutt mountain bike trails.
Looking back towards South Peak (background) and the Mt Hutt skifield (out of sight).

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