3. Marfells Beach and Cape Campbell

We arrived at Marfells Beach after doing some family work in Blenheim. Although it was fun it was also just a continuation of work which we have been hard at for years, so we are yet again determining to keep away from all that for our year off so that we can truly focus on experiencing New Zealand’s environment more widely.

I confess we did take a small bit of time out from working in Blenheim to go…cherry picking!

After parking the caravan beside a thicket to protect it from strong wind, we went for a long relaxing walk on the beach, thinking of this as the ‘real’ start to our year of exploration. We kept bumping into non English speaking people who were also out walking, and without at first realising this we kept trying to strike up conversations with them. The interactions were warm, but it got funnier too, as we met the second then the third lot.

Next morning, I walked along to Cape Campbell and the lighthouse, leaving early at 7am, before the heat of the day set in. We had left Blenheim the previous day in 30degC, ugh, too hot for me! I was interested in visiting Cape Campbell as that’s where the November 2016 7.8 Kaikoura Earthquake sequence petered out, after rupturing 22 faults starting in Culverden. The whole coastline from Oaro to Cape Campbell has uplifted, making access to the beaches easier. It was blowing hard the whole way, and I had to tie my hat and walking poles down to a bush while I climbed the stairs to the lighthouse. The stairs were steep and I needed my hands to hold the railing; trying to manage my wayward hat and poles simultaneously was over-the-top fun-and-games.

Kevin worked on the solar panel for the afternoon, with success! We now have power and full internet. Our internet is through Wireless Nation. Yikes, no excuse any longer not to be getting on with these blogs…

Another evening by the beach, sheer bliss…courgettes, tomatoes, mushrooms and sausage pieces all tossed together and cooked up with a bit of butter, water, salt and pepper…and watching a surprising amount of activity on the beach.